Event Reporting

In keeping with HAI's and FAA's continuing emphasis on risk management and safety, we are pleased to offer a powerful new tool that provides operators with a venue to develop or enhance their own safety management system (SMS).

This powerful tool is called Event Reporting. Event Reporting offers operators a simple and secure method to document the identification and resolution of any issues affecting their companies. Using Event Reporting can help operators follow the FAA' s guidance to implement their own SMS programs, thereby identifying areas of concern before they develop into bigger problems.

Event Reporting can be an important element or even the basis of your company's Quality Assurance (QA) program, Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS), reliability program, or SMS. Event Reporting is an avenue to develop a pro-active approach to risk identification and management. The "event" in Event Reporting can be anything affecting your operation or your business. Examples of "events" include: aborted or delayed missions, unusual noises, lack of parts or tools, passenger comments, training documentation, procedural hang-ups, challenging working conditions, and weather impact. If it affects your operation, you can use Event Reporting to document it. Event Reporting is a terrific way to document your "best practices;" i.e, those procedures and company rules that enhance the safety and effectiveness of your operation.

Event Reports are completely INTERNAL TO YOUR COMPANY, unless you specifically opt to share the report with external parties. Unlike MMIR reports that you send to the FAA or the part manufacturer, your Event Reports are ONLY ACCESSIBLE TO AUTHORIZED COMPANY EMPLOYEES. If your company so chooses, there is even the option for users to submit anonymous Event Reports.

The advantage to using Event Reporting is that issue identification, investigation, and resolution can be documented each step of the way. Designated user levels allow companies to tailor Event Reporting to their operations, from a one-person shop to a large stratified business. You can review Event Reports anytime, and even perform keyword searches.

The Event Report form is intuitive. There really is no wrong way to use it. There are no mandatory fields. You decide how best to utilize the form for your business. Specific information about the form is available in the on-line User Manual.

If you are already using Full Access MMIR and want to enroll in Event Reporting, log on as usual and click on the "Request Event Reporting" link.. For multi-user accounts, the MMIR administrator must do this.

HAI Members with Full MMIR Access can use the new Event Reporting module at no charge. The Event Reporting module is available to non-members on a subscription basis. MMIR remains a free service to all operators.